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Updated Zu's biography

2011-02-18 09:27:19 by Rock-Candy

Juice, Rock Candy here.
Just thought I would drop by and upload the updated version of Zu's biography.

You can find the other character bios, as well a lot of other things, at my site: www.rockcandy.se

Happy reading~


The catgirl with a mental disorder.

*Full Name: Zu Therese "Tess" Kat

*Theme Song: Not a care for the world... [Youtube Link]

*Age: 19

*Height: ~1.65 meters.

*Weight: 45~50 kg

*Birthday: 06/March

*Eye Color: Green

*Hair Color: Brown

*Favorite set of clothes: Zu prefers to be naked, but she's too shy to be nude around people, so she wears something simple when going out:
A little green short T-shirt, it shows her belly.
No bra.
An orange skirt.
Simple lightblue-white striped panties.
Red boots with green toes & heels.
A hair ribbon which is the same color as her shirt, and a smaller one on her tail.
(Full Picture of Zu)
(Picture of Zu in her Maid Outfit)

*Breast size: B cup.

*Location: Sweden, in a rather large city called Granköping, in an apartment with Za.

*Occupation: Maid.

*Interests/hobbies: Zu likes to draw, even though she's not very good at it. She often scribbles drawings for people she likes, like Za, Zoo, Ellie and Sixten.
When she's not drawing, she mostly plays with her dolls.

*Likes: Zu likes to be outside, and she really likes to play and climb around in a nearby tree grove. It's her only "safespot", where she can do whatever she wants without anyone interrupting her.
Lately, she has been taking Sixten to this place to play. ...Or to do "naughty" stuff.
She likes to make people happy, and she loves to be praised and acknowledged for attempting this. Overall, she's very easy to please.

*Dislikes: Zu dislikes all kinds of violence. She doesn't like to be scolded or reprimanded.
She dislikes scary things, especially loud noises, as she gets scared very easily.
Most of all, she hates her disability to learn.

*Favorite Food: Simple food, like meatballs & potatoes, pancakes, etc.

*Favorite Animal: Cat.

*Important/Dear items:
-A drawing of her friends. It's framed and hinged in her room.
-Her favorite stuffed animal. Za bought it for her when she was adopted by her. Cat type.
-A golden necklace she got from Zoo. She never wears it because she's afraid to break it.
-The white dress Za gave her. Za bought a new one shortly after she found out what happened to the other one. (Which you can read about here.) [Old Format]
-A painting of herself, made by Ellie. It's also in her room.
-An Mp3 player filled with songs that Zu enjoys. Za gave it to her so she wouldn't hear when Za and some stranger was going at it, but Zu doesn't know that.
-A cellphone that Sixten gave her. She doesn't know how to use it very well. She mostly recieves calls on it, she never calls anyone herself.

*Goal in life: To understand how the world works, which is a difficult task for a girl who cannot math beyond functions of 10.
She wants to make people happy and be a good girl so that she can make friends.
And someday, she wishes to raise a child of her own.

*Relationships: Zu does not know many people. She has a hard time making friends, as she doesn't really know how to make them... But she's getting better at it!

-Za: Zu sees Za as her new mommy. At this point, she has little recollection of her true parents. She tries very hard to make Za proud of her and because of this; they have a very good relationship.

-Zoo: Zoo is Zu's best friend. Zoo often times allows Zu to accompany her when she pulls pranks, which makes Zu feel very important. Most of the time, the two girls can be found at Zoo's house, playing video games or messing around. Their relationship is good.

-Ellie: Zu thinks Ellie is an important person, so she tries to be on her best behavior when around her. She doesn't go to see Ellie alone, as their minds are at a totally different level and she feels inferior without somebody else to carry conversations. Zu likes Ellie and respects her greatly, as they share an interest in making people happy. Their relationship is okay.

-Sixten: Zu's boyfriend. Zu loves him very much; he has cat ears and a tail, giving them a strong inter-personal connection. They always have a lot of fun together, and Zu's stomach is always full of butterflies when they do things together. When it comes to sex, Zu is, oddly enough, the one who takes the lead; Sixten is too cowardly to ask. She mostly takes it in her butt or gives him a blowjob, as that's all she knows how to do.
They have a topnotch relationship.

*Personality: Zu suffers from a mental disorder, which restricts her thought processes to that of a child.
Her IQ is very low because of this, she has problems with things like simple math, reading, telling time and other such things.
She's normally a very happy girl, full of hope and joy. But if she runs into trouble, she often won't know what to do. If she cannot find a solution to stress-inducing or important situations, she will break down and cry.
She's very sensitive. It's easy to make her happy, but she is also easily upset and quite gullible.
Zu tries more than anything to view the world from a perspective that her simple mind will never allow.

*Backstory: Zu was born to a normal human couple and was originally named Therese. The cause of her cat ears and tail is a mystery and, due to this, her parents never truly loved her. Still, they took her home. They cleaned up their basement and made it into a room for Zu.
In the first year, they took care of her mostly because they had to. When Zu's mom got pregnant again, they began to care less about Zu. The new baby got all the attention, and Zu was not wanted anymore. With only a couple of blankets to sleep on, some old baby toys and magazines, Zu was locked and isolated in the basement.

A single, small window was her only source of light and contact with the outside world, except for the few times she was fed. She was taught to not make noises when other people were around, or she would get punished. Throughout the years, Zu would watch her sister though the window, playing with her friends and growing into the girl that Zu wished she could be. Aside from that, watching animals and clouds on the other side of that window was her only entertaiment.

The sounds of her mom, dad and sister having fun together often found its way to the basement where Zu could not help to put her ear to the door, listening to the life she longed for. Zu only wanted to be loved. As resentment filled her, Zu attempted to escape several times, with each attempt being thwarted by her parents. Still, the incidents increased in frequency as the years passed.

On her 11th birthday, the basement door was opened. Zu woke to the sounds of steps down the stairs. She was picked up, and her worn clothes were ripped from her body. Zu, still not fully awake, was put in a bathtub. As her eyes adjusted to the harsh bathroom lights, she saw two blurry figures standing over her.

"M-mommy, D-daddy?" she asked with a weak and shaky voice. Disturbed by hearing her tiny voice, one of the figures picked up the shower hose and started to spray water at her. Zu closed her eyes and squealed as she was covered in cold water. She felt something brush against her skinny body, rough and fast. The water started to heat up as foaming liquid was sprayed onto her hair and body. As far as she could tell, this was the nicest thing that had ever happened to her. She could feel her body being cleaned and her skin being softened as her parents showered and cleaned her up for the first time in years.

When they were done, they quickly dried her with a towel and dressed her up. They hurriedly walked her to the car, pushed her into the backseat and then drove off. Confused, Zu could not voice a protest. She only watched as her home disappeared into the distance behind them.

"Whuh... Wheeh... Whaat is... hap.... hapeninn?" Zu sounded each word with clumsy pronunciation. It was as though her mouth moved on its own and against her will while she tried to piece words from her limited vocabulary together with the broken grammar, of which she knew very little. But her parents did not respond.

She gazed out the window, amazed by the lush green trees and bushes as the sun slowly rose over the horizon. She swallowed hard as she put a shaky hand against the car-window. She was...Outside. She was in the world that she had been dreaming of all her life. She was among the endless colors, smells, and sounds that she had seen her sister take in so many times before, but had never experienced for herself. Somehow, she had imagined this day differently.

After what seemed like seconds passed, tall grey buildings came into view. As they drew closer, Zu sank deeper into the seat. She was overwhelmed by the feeling of being atomic in the vast abyss of hard grey..
The car slowed down to a stop and a window was rolled down. Zu was blasted by a wave of stale air that was completely unlike anything she had experienced before. It was not unpleasant, but Zu held her breath regardless.
"Hey, you there!" her dad yelled to a guy standing on the sidewalk. "Do you know where to find the girl with cat ears? I heard that she lives somewhere around here."

"Uhhh, yeah, sure," he replied. "Go down that way, and then make your first right after..."

By this point, Zu stopped listening and was tentatively gazing out the window. She was amazed by the mountainous grey buildings and the people who swarmed around the bottoms like ants. In Zu's opinion, there were too many people, for she never thought so many people existed anywhere, let alone in one place. She sank her head low so only her eyes were visible through the door window. The car started driving again. It continued down so many small streets and alleys that Zu lost track of where they were completely. After several minutes, her father stopped the car in a parking. Across the street, Zu noticed several three-story apartment buildings directly adjacent to one another.

Zu was pulled out of the car and her dad carried her into one of the buildings. Being as malnourished as she was, she was very light and easy to carry. Zu burrowed her head into her dad's chest, feeling safe in his arms. She thought that maybe her parents had started to love her again and she was being taken to a new home to live with them in happiness. She smiled as tears started to form in her eyes.

He reached the top landing and walked up to a red door marked with some strange characters. She was set down by her father with certain abruptness that startled Zu. She lost her balance and started to fall over before she was corrected by her father's stern hand. She was told to wait there, and that she did. She was going to be a good girl now! And she, mommy and daddy were going to have a lot of fun together! Zu heard the harsh buzzer ring when her father pressed the button, and then they waited.

"I'll be right there!" a voice yelled through the door. It sounded young, but at the same time, very mature.

They heard some rustling before the door opened. Before them stood a little girl who didn't look much older than Zu. She had wavy blonde hair and large blue eyes. Two small catears stuck out from the messy whirls on the top of her head. She wore only a pair of scarlet panties and a pink bra that sat askew over her chest.

"Ah, hello?" she said.

"Hello, are your parents home?" Asked Zu's mom.

The little girl gave them a big smile and replied, "Nope, I live alone! I might be young, but I am very capable of taking care of myself!"

Zu's mom gave her a skeptical look.

"You don't believe me, eh? Well, nothing I can do about that." She corrected her bra. "So what do you want?"

"Well, uh... Would you like to meet a new friend?" asked her dad. He motioned for Zu to come to his side and, obeying his order, Zu scampered over to her father.

The girl looked at him, confused. "What... do you mean by that?"

Zu's dad grabbed Zu's arm and dragged her into the girl's view. Zu looked at her, and then looked quickly at her feet. Her dad hit her lightly in her back and she took a few steps forward.

"Unh! Uuuh... Huhhh... He-hewllo..." she stuttered, struggling to make her word come out correctly. She did not understand why her voice was so shrill and unpleasant, and not like everyone else's.

The blonde catgirl looked at Zu in front of her. She was so skinny. And what was wrong with her voice, it sounded so weak and hoarse. There was clearly something wrong with the girl, but she didn't want to offend her by refusing the offer to become her friend.

"Uhm, o-of course I can be her friend. My name's Za; why don't you come inside for awhile?" she said as she turned around and started to walk into her apartment. Suddenly, there was a loud thud, as if somebody fell over, followed by a slam. She turned around to see the brunette girl on the floor and the door shut. She ran to the door and flung it open, but the man and woman were nowhere to be seen.

She heard a car tear away and she turned around, only to see that the girl was gone. Confused, she ran to the window facing the parking lot, but it was too late. The car was already out of sight.

She sat down in her sofa, quite flustered, and thought about what had just happened. But her thoughts were soon interrupted by the sound of muffled sobs coming from her bedroom. Upon walking in, the sobs turned into frightened whimpers. Za walked over to her bed and looked underneath it. There was the girl, crying and shivering.

"Hey, are you alright?" Za asked cautiously.

The girl started to cry harder.

"Gh... Gho... wai... Gho wai... Lheevh... ah... ahloun... lheevh ahloun..."

Puzzled, Za stood up. She knew that she could not handle the situation without some sort of help, so she decided to call Ellie, who was studying Nursery at the time, and ask her to help her out. Ellie had a hard time believing what Za was telling her, but in the end she came over.

After many nice words from Za and Ellie, Zu finally came out from under the bed. She spoke the two words she knew how to pronounce correctly:

"Mommy? Daddy?" she asked, looking sad and worried.

Ellie made a contemplative expression as she thought about how to communicate with the girl.

"Mommy and daddy are away." she said after a while. "Where do you live? If you tell us where you live, we can find your mommy and daddy again."

Zu looked blankly at the two catgirls.

"We'll help you find mommy and daddy, but we need to know where you live first," Za said with a smile, trying to look as nice as possible.

Slowly, Zu stood up. She then started to form an answer.

"I... lih... leehv... I lehv... buh... buuh.... Basche... Baschem...menth... Baschmenth."

Za looked at Ellie, who looked back at her.

"Did you get that...?"

"Hmm... I've never heard of a place called 'Bassment'..."

"Baschmenth! Baschmenth!! I Leehv baschmenth!!" Zu yelled with her tiny voice.

Za and Ellie looked at her.

"C-chanth... S-schpeek ghoud!" she squeaked. "Nuh-nuuth... Nuth guh-, nuth gho oohtscheed baschment!! Ooh-Oohtscheed baschment bad!"

Zu was desperately trying to communicate with the catgirls before her, but they could not understand her. Frustrated, Zu listened to the the two try and decipher what she had said. It didn't make sense to Zu either. Her sister could talk, but not her. Her sister was allowed to have fun, but not her. Her sister, who she was not allowed to meet, was loved while Zu was locked away in a cold, damp basement. Her legs failed to carry her any longer and she fell to the ground, crying.

"Ah! What's the matter, Little girl?" Ellie asked as she knelt beside Zu.

"Mommy... Daddy... Bad... Mommy, daddy, bad!" Zu cried. "Nuh... Nuuth gho to mommy daddy... Bad!"

Ellie scratched her head. This was getting confusing.

"Now you don't want go back to mommy and daddy?"

"No!" Zu shouted and shook her head.

"Hey, what's your name anyway?" Za butted in.

Zu stopped moving. She slowly looked up at Za.

"Neh... Nnnhaem?" she asked quietly.

"Yes... Your name... What people say when they call for you," Za explained.

Zu looked down at the floor and thought for a moment.

"Nhame... Uuh... mm... Uuu..." She realized that she didn't remember what her name was. Her parents never called her by her name. It had been too long since she last heard her name. She once again looked back up at Za.

"N-no nhame..." she said in a small voice.

Za and Ellie were stunned. The girl had no name. Telling Zu to wait on Za's bed, Ellie and Za went to the kitchen to discuss what to do with the girl.

Zu sat down on the bed. She let out a surprised yelp as her butt sank down in the soft fabric. She instantly stood back up and looked at the bed. Carefully, she reached out an arm and touched the bed. It was so soft... Slowly, she approached the bed and lay down in it. It felt so nice, much better than the old stinky blankets she usually slept on. It didn't take long for her to fall into a deep sleep.

The next morning Zu woke to a heavenly scent. She sniffed the air as she slowly opened her eyes. Before her, Za sat holding a tray with hot chocolate and some fried eggs.

"Good morning sleepyhead!" she said with a smile on her face. "This is for you. Eat up!"

Zu looked at the tray. She couldn't believe her eyes. It smelled so nice! She was getting fresh food! As she ate, Za spoke.

"Ellie and I have decided to let you stay here. We're going to teach you how to speak and write so we can learn more about you."

Zu looked up at Za.

"I also gave you a name! Your name is 'Zu', based on my name!"

"...Chu? ...Schh... Ssu....Szz... Zzu? Zu? Zu!"

Zu smiled at her new name. This person was so nice to her, much nicer than her mom and dad. She decided to forget about mom and dad, and let Za become her new mother.

About a week later, a letter dropped into Za's mailbox. It was a medical record from the day Zu was born. Za now knew her real name, birth date, etc, but some information was erased so that she couldn't trace where the letter had come from. Za thought "Therese" was an ugly name, so she made it Zu's middle name instead.

Fast forward a year. Zu has learned to speak correctly and knows more about the world and other people. Ellie thought it was a good idea to let Zu go to school by now, and so did Za.

So, at age 12, Zu started school in third class. She had a lot of fun, even though most of the kids thought she was scary, both because she looked older and acted younger, and that she had a tail and cat ears. It was at that time Zu became interested in drawing. She did not gain any friends outside of school, though.

Everything went fine until she started high school. All of her friends in middle school went to different high schools than she did, so she was all alone in her new class. She was nervous, but she thought of all the new friends she could make and how much fun they could have together!

But, her new classmates were not as childish and playful as her old ones. It didn't take long before the "cool" group of kids started to pick at her because of her ears and tail. Zu tried to be nice and friendly toward them, but they pushed her around and called her names that she didn't understand. Thinking she provoked them into doing these things, she tried even harder to be nice to them. But it didn't work.

As time went on, they realized that Zu somehow thought that it was all her fault, and the things they did to her got worse. Halfway through grade 8, they almost had full control over Zu's life inside the school gates. Being beaten up, sexually molested, humiliated and robbed of her belongings were daily occurances in her life. Eating at lunchbreak was out of the question. Zu, still thinking that she was being punished, listened to the bullies' commands and tried to be as good as possible.

Because of this, she didn't tell Za, or any adult, what they were doing to her. She thought Za would scold her if she knew what a bad girl she was.

Then the day came when things were taken too far. The bullies carried Zu into an empty classroom and turned the lights off. The leader of the group had had a really bad day and wanted to take out his anger on something or someone, and that someone happened to be Zu. He started to punch Zu in her face and stomach while his friends held her into place. The air was punched out of Zu's lungs and she fell over on the ground, crying and gasping for air.

The leader grabbed a baseball bat and struck Zu in the back of her head, knocking her out cold. He then proceeded to rip the clothes off her body, letting Zu's naked body rest on the cold stone floor face down. Smiling, he pulled out his cock and slid it up and down along Zu's vagina. He started to push at it, but before he could penetrate her, he changed his mind. This girl was not worth being fucked in her pussy. Instead, he moved his penis to her butthole and spread her butt cheeks. Using his salivia as lubricant, he pushed his cock into her asshole.

Zu woke up by an intense pain in her rear. Her body was being shaken and something was moving inside her butt. Slowly opening her eyes, she saw the bullies standing around her, masturbating at her. Suddenly, the thing in her butt slid out and she felt something hot hit her back. Moving her hands back to her anus, she could feel that it was sticky and sore.

"I hope you enjoyed it, bitch!" she heard before she blacked out again.

Zu didn't understand what had happened to her at that time, but it didn't take long before she found out. For the rest of the school year she was continuously raped and humiliated by the bullies. The last year, 9th grade, she was raped more often than ever and she began to fall into depression, but she still forced herself to stay happy when she was at home with Za.

But at last, the day came when Zu graduated.
(You can read about what happened that day here!) [Old Format]

Being with Sixten cheered Zu up, and she was soon back to normal. Without having to worry about being punished, life was good again. Za and Sixten helped Zu to get a job as a maid at a mansion, because... That's what Zu wanted to do.

*Current Life: From Monday to Friday, Zu is working as a maid in a big mansion, called 'The Nyqvist Mansion'. She and five other maids are working there during the week, while another three work during the weekend. They have their own beds in the mansion attic, so there's no need to go home when the day has ended, unless they really want to.

Anyway, Zu likes to sleep in the attic, so she doesn't go back home when working. She and the other maids are good friends and they help to cover up for Zu when she screws up.
There are several butlers and chefs working there as well. They have their beds and such things in the basement, so Zu does not know them very well.

The chores Zu does in the mansion are pretty basic:
Doing dishes, washing clothes, cleaning, mowing the lawn, etc.

Sometimes she's called in by the old man who owns and lives in the mansion. His name is Gustav Nyqvist and he's a nice man who enjoys Zu's childish attitude at his old age. He acts as a grandfather to Zu, and never minds if Zu screws up on her chores.

His son and daughter also live the mansion, Petter and Lisa Nyqvist. They are twins, and their personalities are pretty much the same. They're careless, sometimes mean, individuals who like to screw with the mansion staff. But, orders are orders, and they have to be followed.

At Friday 13.00 Zu is free to go home. If Za's not working she'll pick Zu up, and if she is Zu takes the bus.

Weekends are the best part of the week, because then Zu can see Sixten, and they can snuggle and do funny things.

There, I did it. I hope you are happy now, Zu fans :3
Also, if you missed it before, I suggest you to read the story about how Zu and Sixten met!) [Old Format]
If you have any questions about her, just ask.

Updated Zu's biography

Zu's biography

2010-04-30 05:58:24 by Rock-Candy

Because I'm cool like this, I'm going to post Zu's biography here, so people can read about her.
It's pretty 18+ though, so bewaaare!!

If you want more of Zu, pictures, flashes, stuff like that, check out my website :3



The catgirl with a mental disorder.

*Full Name: Zu, she has no last name.

*Age: 18

*Height: ~1.65 meters.

*Weight: ~45 kg

*Birthday: 06/March

*Eye Color: Green

*Hair Color: Brown

*Favorite set of clothes: Zu prefers to be naked, but she's too shy to be nude around people,
so she wears something simple when going out;
A little green short T-shirt, it shows her belly.
No bra.
An orange skirt.
Simple lightblue-white striped panties.
Red boots with green toes & heels.
A hair ribbon which is the same color as her shirt, and a smaller one on her tail.

*Breast size: B cup.

*Location: Sweden, in a rather large city, in an apartment with Za.

*Occupation: Student.

*Interests/hobbies: Zu likes to draw, even tough she's not very good at it. She often scribbles drawings for people she likes, like Za, Zoo and Ellie.
When she's not drawing, she mostly plays with her dolls. Sometimes she pretends to be a mother to one of the dolls.

*Likes: Zu likes to be outside, and she really likes to play and climb around in a nearby tree grove. It's her only "safespot", where she can do whatever she wants without anyone interrupting her.
She likes to make people happy, and she loves to be petted and praised for trying to! She's very easy to please.

*Dislikes: Zu dislikes all kinds of violence. She doesn't like to be scolded, she doesn't like loud noises, but most of all, she hates her disability to learn.

*Favorite Food: Simple food, like meatballs & potatoes, pancakes, etc.

*Favorite Animal: Cat, obviously.

*Goal in life: Zu wants to be a maid, so she can show people how good she is at taking care of things,
like washing clothes, cooking and simple things she wishes she could do without difficulty.
She also wants to become a mother to a lot of kids!

*Relationships: Zu does not know many people, just the three other catgirls, Za, Zoo & Ellie.
-Za: Za takes care of Zu, so Zu sees her as her parent.
-Zoo: Zoo is Zu's only friend, and Zu really enjoys helping Zoo prank people.
-Ellie: When Zu gets hurt (which she gets a lot in school), she goes to see Ellie. They only know each other through Za.

*Personality: Zu has a very complicated personality. Her mind is stuck as that of a child, and she has a learning disability so, obviously, she acts like a kid and isn't very smart.
She really wants to learn how to become an adult, but she can't.
Other than that, she's a very happy girl, altough kind of shy around strangers. She is a very sensitive girl, so it's really easy to hurt her feelings, or make her happy, sad or whatever you want to do with her.
She is very easy to trick, as she gets confused easily.

*Backstory: Zu was born as a catgirl by normal humans, and was named Therese. She was neglected by her parents, as they were kind of ashamed of her, so they didn't let her go outside or meet other people.
She didn't get much food and she didn't have many toys, but she had a vivid imagination. She had no real bed in her little room, or clothes, just a couple of blankets on the floor.
As she got older, she got more curious of the outside world and she tried to sneak out a lot. Her parents thought that she was starting to get problematic and decided to give her away. They had heard of another catgirl in the neighboring city and thought maybe she would take care her.
So they went there and asked around for where to find this other catgirl. They were told that she lived in an apartment in the middle of the city. When they rang the doorbell, they were pretty surprised to see a little kid catgirl in her underwears opening the door, not looking much older than Zu herself. (The catgirl they had heard of was Ellie, but they got directed to Za instead.)
They asked if her parents were home, but she answered that she lived alone, except for some guys spending the night at her place sometimes, introduced herself as Za and asked what they wanted. They told her that they wanted her to take their child but that she was probably too young to do that now.
Zu (or Therese), who had never been outside before was really scared because she had no idea there were so many people out there, peeked out from behind her parents, not really understanding what was going on.
When Za saw that Zu was also a catgirl, and possibly a new playmate, she immediately accepted to take care of her. As soon as she did, Zu got thrown into Za's apartment, and her parents ran away and never came back.
Zu got scared and ran into the apartment, trying to find a hiding place. After many nice words and baits from Za she eventually started to open up a little and Za realized that this girl must have some sort of mental problem. As she didn't know her name, she named her Zu, after herself.
She decided to have Ellie, who was reading nursery at the time, take a look at Zu. After many examinations and tests she decided that it would be best for Zu to stay at Za's and learn to know each other and the world better. Then after a year or so, start going to school.
After a year had passed and Zu had learnt a little about how the world work, she was sent to school, starting in 3rd grade, being 12 years old by now. Everything went fine until she started 7th grade, high school.
She started to get bullied, because she was such an easy target, by a group of guys in her class. Zu was only trying to make friends, she couldn't understand why people would do mean things to her.
She thought she was doing something wrong so she didn't tell Za or any teachers about it. As the bullies noticed that she didn't tell anyone about them bullying her, it gradually got worse.
Being used as an object by them, she takes all their stress and anger in the form of punching and touching her private parts. And Zu still thinks that it's her fault that she's being treated like this.
Just when she thought it couldn't be any worse, one day, when school ended for they day, the bullies knocked her out, stripped her completely nude, wrote and drew insulting and degrading words all over her body and raped her in her butt. They didn't want to take the risk of making more of her kind, and really didn't want her to enjoy it, so they raped her in the ass instead.

*Current Life: Zu is in 8th grade now and are still getting bullied. She's not getting raped and beaten up every day, but it does happen a lot. I'll write a list of what they do to her and how often it happens, so you can get some insight in her schoolife.
-Wont let her eat/ruin her food somehow ~ Happens almost every day. Poor little girl is always hungry in school.
-Put her head in a toilet and flushes ~ Happens very seldom.
-Steal her belongings or clothes ~ Happens pretty often. She has stopped to bring stuff to school by now. They still takes part of her clothing instead, like her skirt, bow, panties or other stuff if she's wearing something else.
-Shoving/punching her hard ~ Happens very often. Mostly when she's doing something.
-Beat her up ~ Happens sometimes. She's been knocked out a few times. They take advantage of her unconscious body when she is.
-Sexually molest her ~ Happens almost every day. They gropes her and touches/fingers her pussy/anus. Sometimes they will force her to orgasm.
-Orally rape her ~ Happens pretty often. She is often forced to give blowjobs and swallow their seed.
-Anally rape her ~ Happens often. They take turns to fuck her butt. When they are done they will just leave her there with a gaping anus full of unwanted sperm. Often combinated with forced blowjobs.
-Vaginally rape her ~ Never happens.
-Humiliate her ~ Happens sometimes. They will make her give blowjobs, lock her out of the locker room after sports without any clothes, make her wet herself, bend her over and pull her skirt/pants & panties down and play with her pussy/anus, that kind of stuff (everything in public).
No one dares to help her, as they are afraid of beaten up or worse.
If she had a rough day, she would go straight home and clean herself up before Za came home from work, so she wouldn't notice that she'd "done something wrong". She would be very quiet and go to bed early after that.
If she manages to get through without getting abused, she's the happiest little catgirl you can imagine.
She's just trying to be nice, but gets treated like crap. She's totally broken on the inside, but she wont let anyone notice.
She sometimes has breakdowns, she gets depressed and angry and starts yelling and/or crying, really wanting to be like a normal girl. This only happens when she have much trouble with something and is really confused.

*I think I covered most of what I wanted to say about Zu, so hopefully you will not think of Zu as an ordinary little catgirl anymore! :3

Zu's biography

My site is up!!

2010-04-12 15:21:45 by Rock-Candy

>> My website! <<

Yay, finally! I will post all my pictures and animations there, updates and such things.
There's not much on it yet though. But still!

Eehh... That was all.

Zu Triple Demo 5!

2010-03-11 07:40:09 by Rock-Candy

I figured I could post this here as well, I know there are some people here that are interested!
It's mostly upgraded graphics, but there is anal penetration too. Hopefully it wont take too long until next demo...

You can find it here:
http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pic-6638 7.html


2009-10-21 17:31:19 by Rock-Candy

I am Rock Candy.