Yo! I'm here to draw and animate catgirls taking dicks up the ass and stuff!

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I'm uploading all of my Rock n' Raz episodes to NewGrounds, so you will see 2 uploads a day for about a week or so.

It's 18 episodes total, and they're very unique, so they not might be for everyone! But I'd at least encourage you to give them a shot! They only start to get really good around episode 6, so even if you didn't enjoy the first episodes, check out the later episodes. They're a bit more involved.

The reason I'm uploading them all now? Rock n' Raz 18 got my entire youtube channel terminated, so NewGrounds is really only the other viable option for these episodes at the moment.

And if you are wondering about the progress on HHHW, let me update you a bit!

I've been awaiting some voice work that is necessary for us to release an update that's functional. Unfortunately, the VA has been unable to record due to IRL issues, so we've been delayed indefinitely. I haven't been doing nothing though, we've been working on some side content that'll make the game a bit more fun to play, hopefully.

Recently, I've looked into finding a stand-in VA to cover for the original VA and I believe I've found one that can do a good impression. Once I get that audio, I can quickly finish up what I've been working on and try to push out an update. Sooner rather than lately, I hope!

I'd list a few new features we've included so far, but it's difficult for me to remember what was in the released demo and what we've added since then... The most interesting feature will probably be the baby feature, though. Since the game is focused on breeding, you'll be able to see the results of your hard work... It's still in developement though, but it's mostly done. Maybe I'll share some pictures once it is in a more functional state.

So ye, now you know what's up. Don't get confused by the daily Rock n' Raz uploads.


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