2012-10-15 12:03:08 by Rock-Candy

Buttsex is best sex.

Buttsex with catgirls is even better.

Vaginasex is bad and you should feel bad.


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2012-10-15 12:06:38

Seems Legit....

Rock-Candy responds:

It is.


2012-10-15 12:14:38

Obama approved, buttsex is best sex

Rock-Candy responds:

Right. I'm not american though, so it doesn't really affect me.


2012-10-15 12:41:16

buttsex is definatlly better than vaginal sex :3

Rock-Candy responds:

Yes, anything is better than vaginasex.


2012-10-15 14:11:39

did u try it out urself

Rock-Candy responds:

Try what


2012-10-15 15:14:27

Pfft! I rather have both.

Rock-Candy responds:



2012-10-15 15:17:01


Rock-Candy responds:

Best secks.


2012-10-15 16:23:01

I love buttsex!

Rock-Candy responds:



2012-10-15 18:40:05

The only kinda sex the ladies have been getting from me for quite a while now that I think about it... butt they keep cummin back for more, YAY buttsex!!

Rock-Candy responds:

uh, sure...


2012-10-15 21:30:16

How about vaginasex with catgirls? :3

Rock-Candy responds:



2012-10-16 00:12:37

Well when it comes to flash games, would have to agree. but in real life, Vaginal might just win for me.

i think we need a girl's opinion here.....

Rock-Candy responds:

Anal wins in real life too.


2012-10-16 19:25:22

anal or vagina..? hn?

Rock-Candy responds:

Anal should be 100%


2012-10-17 06:06:27

Sounds like you enjoy sodomy.

Rock-Candy responds:

I enjoy making sodomy, yes. Nothing beats a girl with a big fat cock in her tender rump.


2012-10-17 22:51:58

anal sex is fantastic

yes i do indeed love getting fresh shit on my cock

you know it is good shit when you receive it straight from the anus

the blood and liquid crap dripping from the butt as you fuck it is always so warm and smelly

i dont know what is better, fucking a constipated woman up the ass and dislodging a large turd, or fucking a woman with diarrhea up the ass and watching as it just spurts out in between pumps and all over your penis

this is what makes anal far superior to vaginal

Rock-Candy responds:

You're talking about scat though. That's not what I was talking about!


2012-10-18 16:04:39

anal sex in real life goes hand-in-hand with scat

the first one is very likely to lead to the second unless the woman has washed the inside of her anus almost immediately beforehand

embrace it

Rock-Candy responds:

Why would you ever want to do anything in real life? That's boring, and 3D women are ugly as hell!

With 2D you can do anything, even scat, as you said. As for me, all the butts I use are always clean~!


2012-10-20 08:03:40

benefits of Buttsex
no babies
it's much tighter
anyone can have it

Rock-Candy responds:

And that's only a few things!


2012-10-21 01:36:38

Life lesson.

Rock-Candy responds:



2012-10-23 07:36:59

im with you bro, rockcandy for president (or whatever you have in sweden)

Rock-Candy responds:



2012-10-24 10:30:32

Remember enemas are your best friend when you want clean buttsex. That and it's just foreplay to make sure your girl(or partner) is clean.

Rock-Candy responds:

Of course you want clean butts! UInless they're dirtied with semen.


2012-11-02 19:12:44

:O Oh,noes!! You're forgetting about oral!!! 8===D - 0: !!

What about oral? Oral is bestone!


Rock-Candy responds:

Oral is just kinda there. Beats vagina sex, at least.


2012-11-21 17:35:38

whats ur best flash.

Rock-Candy responds:



2012-11-24 19:22:25

great work on the games pro animation skills too, onihole is my favorite the all the way through thing is really hard to find out there in world of internets .

Rock-Candy responds:

why, thank you. I didn't think it was that hard to find, but I have not been looking so I wouldn't know.


2012-11-27 16:21:30

If u really like buttsex that much make a butt sex flash with rydia from final fantasy 4.

Rock-Candy responds:

Why would I do that, I don't even know who that is, neither do I care.


2012-11-28 08:22:02

dont be such an asshole then u can just say no i wont sorry instand


2012-11-28 08:46:43

it was just an idea sorry just ignore it if u have to

Rock-Candy responds:

Didn't look like it.


2012-11-29 07:32:12

sorry man i sometimes fuck things up


2012-12-12 06:35:31

I'm starting to agree with you Mr. Rock-Candy sir

Rock-Candy responds:

I'm glad.


2012-12-24 23:18:20

what about titty-sex? No one remembers titty-sex =C

Rock-Candy responds:

That's because tittysex is boring in general.


2012-12-29 00:25:21

Do you do commissions?

Rock-Candy responds:



2013-01-05 00:06:17

It's okay.. I still love you and your anal fetish sir. <3

Rock-Candy responds:

Thank you.
I am too busy with other projects to do commissions.


2013-01-06 01:08:15

It's alright. I kind of figured. But I have another question. Do you know any good tutorials/websites that show tutorials on how to do game interactive that you do? You inspired me and I want my first flash to be somewhat decent. I looked on youtube, but most of it isn't what I was looking for.

Rock-Candy responds:

I do not, I learnt most things by trial and error... I still don't know how to actionscript, so I have Mittsies to do that. I only do the art and animation.


2013-01-06 11:47:03

Alright. Thanks anyway.

Rock-Candy responds:

Sorry I couldn't help.


2013-01-06 12:45:25

What about titfucking???

Rock-Candy responds:

titfucking is meh. Alright sometimes, but not as cool as butts.


2013-01-09 02:29:54

What about ATM?

Rock-Candy responds:

What do ATMs have to do with anything? They're machines that eat cards.


2013-01-11 19:07:50

Thanks for the Awesome christmas present!

Rock-Candy responds:

you're welcome.


2013-01-15 18:05:48

Buttsex is best because everyone can do it to it. Amirite?

Rock-Candy responds:

That's only one of the reasons.


2013-01-26 06:50:30

nooo to buttsex!! vagina sex 4eva!!!!

Rock-Candy responds:

go away you are not welcome here


2013-02-02 13:33:47

i'm 16 now and thanks for saving me for the sin of vaginal sex^^

Rock-Candy responds:

Who says it's a sin, it's just disgusting.


2013-02-03 15:00:25

If you like catgirls you should see the girls in this old show called SWAT Cats , its a kids cartoon tho :(

Rock-Candy responds:

Never heard of.


2013-02-05 05:05:02

People have right to think as they want and everyone dont like the same thing they go they,re down way i dont judge u Rock-Candy but u should recpect your fans or else u will go down quickly like a fly smashed by a paper

Rock-Candy responds:

Fans to me likes buttsex tho.


2013-02-07 05:53:25

Indeed but im not gonna bother this anymore so ciao

Rock-Candy responds:

Do so, you don't know what it's like for me, so you made the right decision.


2013-02-08 14:55:45

U cant accept for people to not comment bad on your entry post it will happen once in awhile

Rock-Candy responds:



stop commenting


2013-02-08 14:58:46

Good luck with your future games though

Rock-Candy responds:

thank you, now go


2013-02-09 21:44:29

If you don't like buttsex, you are gay. Vaginal sex is the gayest sex.

Rock-Candy responds:

I agree.


2013-02-09 23:49:29

YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF SWAT CATS *feints* e-e how could you......

Rock-Candy responds:

Assuming it's an american show, I can probably tell you the that the reason is: I'm not american.


2013-02-11 14:17:29

anal foreva
scat can be easily avoided by clean before or you clean it by your tongue policy

no animals except mammals have vagina

vagina is an evolutionary mistake will evolve back in future generations inevitably

Rock-Candy responds:

But if that happened, buttsex wouldn't be as special as it is....

It's kind of complicated that way...


2013-02-26 19:12:47

I don't get why you don't like vaginal sex.
Anal sex is pretty good, because every girl likes it. Some just don't know that, yet.
Blowjobs and titfucking are also excellent.

Rock-Candy responds:

Well, vaginas are superugly to start with. And I don't find them erotic because of that.


2013-03-04 00:18:27

You're awesome. :3

Rock-Candy responds:

Thank you!


2013-03-17 04:15:07

Butsex is the shit :D

Rock-Candy responds:

I guess so?


2013-03-18 12:58:46

You sucks

Rock-Candy responds:

Thank you, I shall remember your kind words when I start up flash next time.