Entry #7

Zu's butt

2014-09-12 16:23:14 by Rock-Candy

What would you do to Zu's ass?



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2014-09-12 16:36:39


Rock-Candy responds:

How boring!


2014-09-12 17:46:16

I would draw something on it, and I'd use paint and brush. It should be like a present, so a picture of a cat will do. The problem is that I don't know how to draw animals, it'd start turning out messy and I'd start crying and hating myself. In such desperate times support from another alive being is my number one remedy.

Rock-Candy responds:

Don't worry, it's the thought that matters.


2014-09-12 19:01:21

for shits and giggles I would fill her ass with coolwhip then put a cherry on top

Rock-Candy responds:

man that's some kinky stuff i love it


2014-09-12 19:21:48

Spank it.

Rock-Candy responds:

Just once?


2014-09-12 20:00:38

shove lots of over-sized toys in it!

Rock-Candy responds:

A good choice, indeed!


2014-09-12 23:54:59

damn hot, cant wait for the sequal

Rock-Candy responds:

Sequel to Zu's butt?


2014-09-13 01:44:29

everything, yes, German sexdungeon inclouded

Rock-Candy responds:

What makes a german one different from the others?


2014-09-13 13:46:02

i'd make it my own ona-hole and maybe a public toy for my friends but mostly just to please me

Rock-Candy responds:

You could always charge people to use it.


2014-09-13 20:45:19

gently carres it, then grab it and move it around, then motorboat, and then reverse cowboy anal with spanking, then at the end if I feel like sadistic.. put a device that keeps her butt open and while she is upside down, stay with her, fapping or having anal again until I filled her butt with C-men...

but if I didnt have time for that, then just spank it and make an awesome drum solo

Rock-Candy responds:

Well, both are good options, me think!


2014-09-14 04:07:37

First I would bully her to the point of having irreparable psychological trauma and then keep all of her body but her butt stuck in a wall for whenever I get board. I'll keep a dog bowl on the other side so she stays alive.

Rock-Candy responds:

I really like the way you think.


2014-09-14 08:31:50

Hmm. If I am a evil person then I would fist it, Do BDSM and gape it until she gets a anal prolapse.

And if I am a gentleman.. I would fuck it normally

Plus if I were a lesbian.. I'd rather Do strap on and lick her ass until squirts... Shit would be a problem

Rock-Candy responds:

Well, what are you then?


2014-09-14 15:20:33



2014-09-14 18:01:11

I would have fun with her tight ass for about 2 hours,then rent her to whoever is horny and get rich. I would feed her and give her water during breaks,so that she'll have energy for more later. Does that make me a horrible person or would she be okay with it?

Rock-Candy responds:

Ypu'd be a horrible person, most likely. Zu wouldn't like being a sextoy.

But you get my OK!


2014-09-15 04:35:13

Just saw the reply. you said you don't make pov games, but there a few that are pov. easter egg, the halloween and titty punch. I know Miaka was by someone else but your name is in it (not sure about that just saw your name)

Rock-Candy responds:

I do not in general. This flash is based upon the characters. Remove that, and it wouldn't be the same anymore.


2014-09-15 08:34:24

It's so wide and flexible I would store my candies and monies in there for safekeeping!

Rock-Candy responds:

The only problem is that it gets raided often.


2014-09-15 18:36:12

That's what Rear Guard is for.

Rock-Candy responds:

True, true.


2014-09-16 02:52:27

Oh ho ho. Firstly, I have to feel like I earned it. I'm going to start off taking her to a fancy restaurant, like the apple-bees (she doesn't know any better), and have her blow the manager for the meal. Then maybe a casual movie where I use her as my chair, but it's ok because I actually paid for our tickets here. Finally, after a long Zu-drawn sleigh ride home, we would cozy up in the bed. Brushing the snow from her hair and the tears from her face as I came in like a wrecking ball in ways that makes Miley Cyrus rethink her career. I take her freshly wiped tears to lube up, because dry is only fun going in. Then, as all high heaven starts to quiver and quake under the pressure that is to come (get it?), I wake up and alas, tragically remember that she isn't good enough for me :'c. My heart will forever hold a place for Zu, yet a tale of woe this be.

Rock-Candy responds:

What a twist!


2014-09-16 15:39:15

probs hand her over the the good residents of www.Animeotk.com after I've had my fun with her.


2014-09-17 17:34:51

well obviously i'm going to charge it's going to be 15 for handjob 20 a blow,35 vagina, 50 thrust and 100 for cumming in. people may think it' free because shes always being used(to quote rearguard)like the towns bicycle where everyone gets a turn,but like I said before she's mainly just to please me ,sixten has nothing on me.

I want to take this time to say this, Rock-Candy I am just happy to say your are my favorite artist I can really count on you on supplying me with my favorite type of sex(butt(anal)sex) your art is just fantastic and I hope you will continue with it,thanks.

Rock-Candy responds:

Always nice to hear that my work is being enjoyed. I shall continue on with the buttsex as long as I can!


2014-09-18 19:24:05

... yea... that seem about right.

Rock-Candy responds:

I hope you lube her up first.


2014-09-18 23:41:16

Hmm I see what you mean in characters, but it doesn't make sense as to why that effects POV since i seen both in many games, BUT mainly it's your opinion. It's your thing, like buttsex and people ask for vaginal and you don't do that also (which is opinion also). Oh well.


2014-09-19 18:11:06

Uh. To be honest, I'd tie her up and lay her face up on the bed. Then I'd rub my dick on her pussy to get it all slimy, and then I'd shove into her ass. I'd ram her until her mind's gone blank and I'd give her a few anal creampies. This is Newgrounds. I have the right to say these kinds of things.

Rock-Candy responds:

You have the right to do those things too!


2014-09-19 18:19:35

And agreeing with captcrun. Rock-Candy, you glorious bastard genius. I love your work so much. Please never stop doing what you do. And I don't mind if sometimes you just don't have time and it takes a bit. I love you and your work just as much.


2014-09-22 17:38:16

What would I do to Zu's ass? Nothing that hasn't already been done before, let me tell ya.

Rock-Candy responds:

No need to try to come up with something insanely creative when the same old works just fine, indeed.


2014-09-22 22:45:27

ok how about this. we take her ass and put it on a huge block of ice until her ass is frozen, what are we going to with a frozen ass you ask? why thaw it out course.

Rock-Candy responds:

That might hurt the quality of the butt.


2014-09-25 16:53:35

I'll put in the XXL (about 1 foot in length) rectum protector, for her own good of course. Perhaps, this one http://www.extremerestraints.com/huge-dildos_186/the-four-stage-rocket-dildo_2233.html

As for the butt-checks, for long I wanted to know what will happen if you heat up a Jiu Jie Bian to the point of turning red. Then whip an ass with it.

Rock-Candy responds:

It's about time somebody finds out.


2014-09-28 21:07:34

i would ignore and put my dick in there.

Rock-Candy responds:

Ignore what?


2014-10-06 14:06:08

sorry I met I would fuck that booty whloe for a few minutes then ill switch to anal.

Rock-Candy responds:

You would fuck her asshole before switching to her asshole?


2014-10-12 17:16:28

no I keep fucking up my typing I met I would fuck that booty hole then I would switch to that pussy and give it a creampie.

Rock-Candy responds:

You wanna make the poor girl pregnant?!


2014-10-15 08:43:34

I would do nothing.
Do I win?

Rock-Candy responds:

I'd say you lose.


2014-10-17 06:49:11

i would pound her vagina into oblivion because vaginal intercourse is the bee's knees.

Rock-Candy responds:

well her vagina is not really part of her butt, y'know.
As long as you take responsibilty, go ahead I guess.


2014-10-22 07:34:02

go balls deep, legs deep, practically reverse birth myself through her anus...

Rock-Candy responds:

are you trying to kill her or something


2014-10-22 07:39:27

or do a german suplex on her...then reverse birth myself into her anus.

Rock-Candy responds:

do you mean like
you start as a turd and then become undigested and turn into a human as you come out of her mouth?
because that'd be weird as shit man


2014-10-30 17:34:48

it wouldnt kill her, she'd just have to carry a round an adult baby in her ass for a few days

Rock-Candy responds:

Oh, I see.


2014-11-18 02:45:20

Why pound my cock in there of course :D
nice and simple~
and as many others have said thank you for your work and animation skills, i hope one day i can animate and be as good as you.

Rock-Candy responds:

Why animate when you can make videos of yourself pouding Zu's butt?


2014-11-20 22:34:00

Well, it really depends on how she feels...

Rock-Candy responds:

It depends on how you approach it.


2014-11-23 09:18:16

i would go rudolph on her

Rock-Candy responds:

Good choice!


2014-12-21 20:15:19

i would shove my cock up their so far up her ass it will come out her mouth i will then cum inside then outside would go really fast for a while i would grab her knock her out and then hang her hands to a pole and fuck again and when im done i will keep her tied and keep her for days and will fuck her every day i will look up her ass penatrate it with a pen knife carrot etc and then i will get more people and starta private strip club

then kill them all except zu

Rock-Candy responds:

Wow, all of that without even a single period.


2014-12-28 14:00:29

put a stick of dynamite in her and set it ablaze and collect the insurance.

Rock-Candy responds:

There's insurance? And why would that go to you anyway?


2015-01-03 15:05:19

Can I just be nice to her, she's been through enough shit, doesn't need me adding to her psychological damage, so could I just hand her some candy and help her home?

Rock-Candy responds:

Sure, I guess. But she eats candy with her mouth, not her butt!


2015-01-03 20:33:31

Because i married her

Rock-Candy responds:

Oh I see. Doubt you'd get much out of it anyway. You'd probably lose money with the marriage n' stuff.


2015-01-04 11:24:50


everything i'd say to her

Rock-Candy responds:

Lotsa talk but no action?


2015-01-07 21:03:01

Strip her down to her birthday suit, tie her ass up in a public place, and let the locals have a party. If you charge money for her involuntary public services, you could make a fucking fortune!

Rock-Candy responds:

Don't make it too public or the cops will find you out. Then your business will be closed down, and you don't want that!


2015-02-13 15:21:03

shove tacos up it

Rock-Candy responds:

That's weird dude


2015-02-21 13:07:05

i would fuck all day long

Rock-Candy responds:

I'm glad.


2015-02-23 14:34:35

i would spend all day and all night f@cking her and give her no break the day after i would make my d!ck grow bigger and then after that i would f@ck her again

Rock-Candy responds:

That would be very impressive!


2015-02-27 23:52:32

Organise an orgy.

Rock-Candy responds:

Good idea.


2015-03-27 01:51:09

Probably after a dozen climaxes, i would probably try to fit my head in there with a flashlight.


2015-04-12 04:40:25

I would eat live squid out of it with chopsticks. Then i guess I could force her to do a funnel enema with my urine and have her squirt it back in my face or somethin. Yeah, I'd like that.


2015-05-03 16:28:17

Politely ask it out for dinner?