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Entry #6


10/15/12 by Rock-Candy

Buttsex is best sex.

Buttsex with catgirls is even better.

Vaginasex is bad and you should feel bad.


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4 days ago

Buttsex is the best and they can also ejaculate ask yo girlfriend to clean that ass.
get that hoses stuff it in her butt hole and loosen that pipe stuff with water
wait for her to ejaculate those water (do multiple times can completely clean her ass) or you just can fuck quickly fuck her in the ass after you stuff it with water (best thing is liquid but make sure it's safe) this can make you pleasure than more painful. As a men you can experiment your butt with this and you notice that your ASS CAN EJACULATE TOO...

No reply Baby?

It could be Magic or demon, It didnt tell clearly enough.
if it is demon then it shall be (something,Bad, Dangerous and stuff.) Demon to save the Demons.)
If you dont mind can you give me one day to figure it out?
I Really want to help you :/

I dont really get it what it means
but it saids:
Katakoi no pastoral Scarlet who Byakuya-fighting demon salvation
it doesnt really makes sence to me.
Or it could be:
Piece of love pastoral song
Popular Person White Night~Offensive magic to save the magic
Idk. Hope it could help you, how did you found those words btw?

1 day ago Rock-Candy responds:

They're songtitles.

They're two separate names.
Give me a few mroe options of translations and I can probably put it together.

why not in google translate :/
and you know i would love to help you cuz...
anyways what is it, copy + paste to me and ill tell you what it saids.

2 weeks ago Rock-Candy responds:

Google Translate is not accurate.


These, I need to know.

of course.
Why anyways?
Oh, nvm if you regret on ghay sex like that, its okay.
i dont really mind.
i guess.

2 weeks ago Rock-Candy responds:

I need to translate some stuff in chinese.

Ummm... here's my email,
Btw im from Hong kong.
Tell me what you need, ill try more than trying.
Or you rather Skype?

2 weeks ago Rock-Candy responds:

Does that mean you know chinese?

need explanation :S
seriously i'll do anything for you?

Hey~ Idk if your a girl or a boy but, I really want to have sex, porn, anal sex with you <33 btw Im 16 Guy.

Oh and the picture, it is me :)
I cant hold long i really want to cum in your ass cumming loads in it and doing it everyday with you...
Need which country and place you are in :)

2 weeks ago Rock-Candy responds:

yeah, that's not gonna happen man.


1 month ago

mmmmm buttsex is the bomb vagina sex is the worst thing to exist in humankind right RC?

2 weeks ago Rock-Candy responds:



1 month ago

Assgina does sound disgusting. But I agree on buttsex is better. Tighter too! ;)

2 weeks ago Rock-Candy responds:

More tight and more exciting!

Well, I dont really have much to say about this... except Butts 4 Lyf! ♥

3/4/14 Rock-Candy responds:

Nmm butts!



I have a solution to all of this!

Rock-Candy, in your next flash, just make the girl only have ONE hole, that is like a vagina, but its cirlcular & without labia, like an asshole.


2/26/14 Rock-Candy responds:

That sounds disgusting.



I know, and like I said, I'm not judging, its all good. Anywho, I think its about time we end this comment conversation. Keep doing what you do, man.

2/13/14 Rock-Candy responds:

Who expects morals in porn anyway? But ye, sure. See ya later!



Except your morals actually go against the foundations of procreation, but I get ya, and won't judge.

2/13/14 Rock-Candy responds:

Ya, but it's still my morals. I don't want no damn kids.



Ha nice one, but you know what I meant dude. Anyway, I still don't see it happening, aside from my clear disgust of the act, there is also my morals. Its just something I don't think should happen and I can't accept it.

2/12/14 Rock-Candy responds:

Well then we're kinda the same. My morals tells me vaginal shouldn't happen and I can't accept that!



There is only one opening I need, and its opposite the anus. But believe me, I've tried, it doesn't even produce a wiggle, nothing. I will say I accept it in small doses when vaginal penetration is involved and is the focus, but anal can't be the only thing going on. I just can't. So as quality as your animations are, I just can't get into them.

2/12/14 Rock-Candy responds:

The opposite of the anus would be the mouth.
Small doses is only the beginning. Soon you will enjoy the intimity of the most private part of a woman's body on it's own!



My apologies, then a couple characters just kinda look it to me, my point remains valid though.

2/11/14 Rock-Candy responds:

Well, then perhaps you need to learn to love the butt and its hole. Look deep within you and bring out your curiosity for the squishy, puckered opening. You know you want to explore it.



I don't even know why I'm here, I hate lolis and anal, and love vaginal. I guess I just needed to express my disdain at how torn I am to love your art but hate the content.

2/11/14 Rock-Candy responds:

I don't draw loli.

Were you bit by a vagina when you were younger?

1/30/14 Rock-Candy responds:


I am male

11/13/13 Rock-Candy responds:

You still have an asshole. Perfectly fuckable.

what street what town so are we doing the jackhammer oh! call one of your sisters so we have threesome

11/11/13 Rock-Candy responds:

I don't have any sisters. All you're getting is my cock, yo.

okay what time what stely what day

11/10/13 Rock-Candy responds:

Tomorrow at 15.00. My place.

Can we have sex right now

11/9/13 Rock-Candy responds:


can we have sex plz I never done a catgirl be for

11/6/13 Rock-Candy responds:

We can have unlimited sex.

My god, what is it with you Swedes? I heard a rumor that Shad's either Swedish or Swiss. At a potential 2 out of 2 with it comes to strange (and potentially demented) sexual preferences... I would not change it for the world! Because, to be perfectly honest, if the Joker's taught me anything, it's that the weirdest people are always the most fun at parties. By the way, I just finished "A fateful meeting" and I have to say, if you're the one that wrote that, if you wrote more I'd pay for it. Also I have to agree, buttsex is pretty fun.

11/6/13 Rock-Candy responds:

Ehh, I'm working on writing more stuff, especially rewriting that "A Fateful meeting" story, because of its many flaws.



Ah. Hokay. Thanks for the info. If you don't mind me asking, how big is the flash? Does it have lots of content/stuff to do? No need to tell exactly what, but just curious.

10/18/13 Rock-Candy responds:

That I wont tell.



Hey RC. Apparently you love replying/trolling people in the comments, so I'll leave a comment. So, do you know why your dungeon of buttsecks is down? I mean, most of us are probably waiting for the new flash, and we can't see the neeeeeews! ;_; And, if you do, tell us when it's going up. Approx?

Ps. Thanks for reading dis crap.

10/17/13 Rock-Candy responds:

Site is dead due to some sort of server malfunction. CAn't say when it will be back up, sadly. It's bothering me more than you, probably, I'm really frustrated about it.

The flash is not coming out yet for a while, I decided to add some more shit to it. If I finish it look out at places like FA or HF or some such. Maybe even here.

Hi Rock Candy I am a fan of your work and have regularly visited your site but lately it keeps refusing my connection when ever I try to go to it. So I was wondering if your site was broken or if its just me.

10/15/13 Rock-Candy responds:

Our server is dead at the moment.



All hail to the Butsexking Rock-Candy !!!



Don't knock it til you've at least tried it once man.

9/1/13 Rock-Candy responds:

Well, too bad, 'cause I'll never try it.



I love anal,vaginal,and oral. Have you even tried vaginal sex? I mean I'll admit anal has it's plus sides but still.

8/30/13 Rock-Candy responds:

No I have not.

I know why you lick fucking girls in their asses! It's because You're Afraid of fucking a girl in her vagina and getting her pregnant so you fuck her in the ass instead do u know how many diseases are in the humen ass hole?! well i can tell you it's not a pretty sight! enjoy your ass sex FAGGOT!!!!!

8/26/13 Rock-Candy responds:

I am enjoying my ass sex, much better than filthy vaginas. I just told you!



Ehh, not a fan of anal, also I don't see what's wrong with vaginal but I'm not to judge
I do like oral sex! please make including that that, thanks! nice art

8/20/13 Rock-Candy responds:

Suckings of the penis is nice indeed. I have made several flashes with oral.



im surprise ur the only person who likes anal that much or even hear of assjob also.. what happen to your site rock candy? is it block or somthing? Could not connect to localhost: No such file or directory is all i see when i look on your site o.o

7/29/13 Rock-Candy responds:

The mysql server is being dead. No idea when it can be fixed.

While I do think anal definitely can spice up the bedroom and definitely makes internet porn less boring I think I prefer vaginal irl. Its just a preference though and just as I dont judge someone for which gender they prefer to get it on with I wont judge someone for which hole they prefer to play with. Love the toons keep em comin.

7/29/13 Rock-Candy responds:

But IRL vaginas are uglier than most drawn ones...



I mean games not anymore doujins welp ok then

7/20/13 Rock-Candy responds:

Still too much. I find that ridicolous, so I wont make any more. I prefer to work with my own characters.




7/19/13 Rock-Candy responds:

There's already too much of it.



are you going to create more touhou hentai also lol

7/19/13 Rock-Candy responds:

I'm not.

I agree. The excitement, the more support in gravity and the fact that if you're hung like a horse you have a chance at your cum filling the girl's stomach which is pretty awesome. It is The Holiest of Holes o3o.

i like ur work but i do find butt sex kind of a turn-off.......

4/22/13 Rock-Candy responds:

How can you find the best sex a turn off?!

Need moar content! You are awesome! I've never had some much straight buttsex content in one place now my life is complete.

4/4/13 Rock-Candy responds:

There's more at my site, I don't upload everything here.



So is it Buttsex > Titties > Oral > Vaginal Sex?

3/27/13 Rock-Candy responds:


More like: Buttsex > Oral sex > Assjob > Titsex > Handjob > Footjob >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Vaginasex



Oh yea I forgot you dont live in America, what i ment was that i like buttsex and you rock

3/22/13 Rock-Candy responds:

Oh. Well, hooray then!



You sucks

3/18/13 Rock-Candy responds:

Thank you, I shall remember your kind words when I start up flash next time.



Butsex is the shit :D

3/18/13 Rock-Candy responds:

I guess so?

You're awesome. :3

3/4/13 Rock-Candy responds:

Thank you!



I don't get why you don't like vaginal sex.
Anal sex is pretty good, because every girl likes it. Some just don't know that, yet.
Blowjobs and titfucking are also excellent.

2/27/13 Rock-Candy responds:

Well, vaginas are superugly to start with. And I don't find them erotic because of that.



anal foreva
scat can be easily avoided by clean before or you clean it by your tongue policy

no animals except mammals have vagina

vagina is an evolutionary mistake will evolve back in future generations inevitably

2/12/13 Rock-Candy responds:

But if that happened, buttsex wouldn't be as special as it is....

It's kind of complicated that way...