Zu's biography

2010-04-30 05:58:24 by Rock-Candy

Because I'm cool like this, I'm going to post Zu's biography here, so people can read about her.
It's pretty 18+ though, so bewaaare!!

If you want more of Zu, pictures, flashes, stuff like that, check out my website :3



The catgirl with a mental disorder.

*Full Name: Zu, she has no last name.

*Age: 18

*Height: ~1.65 meters.

*Weight: ~45 kg

*Birthday: 06/March

*Eye Color: Green

*Hair Color: Brown

*Favorite set of clothes: Zu prefers to be naked, but she's too shy to be nude around people,
so she wears something simple when going out;
A little green short T-shirt, it shows her belly.
No bra.
An orange skirt.
Simple lightblue-white striped panties.
Red boots with green toes & heels.
A hair ribbon which is the same color as her shirt, and a smaller one on her tail.

*Breast size: B cup.

*Location: Sweden, in a rather large city, in an apartment with Za.

*Occupation: Student.

*Interests/hobbies: Zu likes to draw, even tough she's not very good at it. She often scribbles drawings for people she likes, like Za, Zoo and Ellie.
When she's not drawing, she mostly plays with her dolls. Sometimes she pretends to be a mother to one of the dolls.

*Likes: Zu likes to be outside, and she really likes to play and climb around in a nearby tree grove. It's her only "safespot", where she can do whatever she wants without anyone interrupting her.
She likes to make people happy, and she loves to be petted and praised for trying to! She's very easy to please.

*Dislikes: Zu dislikes all kinds of violence. She doesn't like to be scolded, she doesn't like loud noises, but most of all, she hates her disability to learn.

*Favorite Food: Simple food, like meatballs & potatoes, pancakes, etc.

*Favorite Animal: Cat, obviously.

*Goal in life: Zu wants to be a maid, so she can show people how good she is at taking care of things,
like washing clothes, cooking and simple things she wishes she could do without difficulty.
She also wants to become a mother to a lot of kids!

*Relationships: Zu does not know many people, just the three other catgirls, Za, Zoo & Ellie.
-Za: Za takes care of Zu, so Zu sees her as her parent.
-Zoo: Zoo is Zu's only friend, and Zu really enjoys helping Zoo prank people.
-Ellie: When Zu gets hurt (which she gets a lot in school), she goes to see Ellie. They only know each other through Za.

*Personality: Zu has a very complicated personality. Her mind is stuck as that of a child, and she has a learning disability so, obviously, she acts like a kid and isn't very smart.
She really wants to learn how to become an adult, but she can't.
Other than that, she's a very happy girl, altough kind of shy around strangers. She is a very sensitive girl, so it's really easy to hurt her feelings, or make her happy, sad or whatever you want to do with her.
She is very easy to trick, as she gets confused easily.

*Backstory: Zu was born as a catgirl by normal humans, and was named Therese. She was neglected by her parents, as they were kind of ashamed of her, so they didn't let her go outside or meet other people.
She didn't get much food and she didn't have many toys, but she had a vivid imagination. She had no real bed in her little room, or clothes, just a couple of blankets on the floor.
As she got older, she got more curious of the outside world and she tried to sneak out a lot. Her parents thought that she was starting to get problematic and decided to give her away. They had heard of another catgirl in the neighboring city and thought maybe she would take care her.
So they went there and asked around for where to find this other catgirl. They were told that she lived in an apartment in the middle of the city. When they rang the doorbell, they were pretty surprised to see a little kid catgirl in her underwears opening the door, not looking much older than Zu herself. (The catgirl they had heard of was Ellie, but they got directed to Za instead.)
They asked if her parents were home, but she answered that she lived alone, except for some guys spending the night at her place sometimes, introduced herself as Za and asked what they wanted. They told her that they wanted her to take their child but that she was probably too young to do that now.
Zu (or Therese), who had never been outside before was really scared because she had no idea there were so many people out there, peeked out from behind her parents, not really understanding what was going on.
When Za saw that Zu was also a catgirl, and possibly a new playmate, she immediately accepted to take care of her. As soon as she did, Zu got thrown into Za's apartment, and her parents ran away and never came back.
Zu got scared and ran into the apartment, trying to find a hiding place. After many nice words and baits from Za she eventually started to open up a little and Za realized that this girl must have some sort of mental problem. As she didn't know her name, she named her Zu, after herself.
She decided to have Ellie, who was reading nursery at the time, take a look at Zu. After many examinations and tests she decided that it would be best for Zu to stay at Za's and learn to know each other and the world better. Then after a year or so, start going to school.
After a year had passed and Zu had learnt a little about how the world work, she was sent to school, starting in 3rd grade, being 12 years old by now. Everything went fine until she started 7th grade, high school.
She started to get bullied, because she was such an easy target, by a group of guys in her class. Zu was only trying to make friends, she couldn't understand why people would do mean things to her.
She thought she was doing something wrong so she didn't tell Za or any teachers about it. As the bullies noticed that she didn't tell anyone about them bullying her, it gradually got worse.
Being used as an object by them, she takes all their stress and anger in the form of punching and touching her private parts. And Zu still thinks that it's her fault that she's being treated like this.
Just when she thought it couldn't be any worse, one day, when school ended for they day, the bullies knocked her out, stripped her completely nude, wrote and drew insulting and degrading words all over her body and raped her in her butt. They didn't want to take the risk of making more of her kind, and really didn't want her to enjoy it, so they raped her in the ass instead.

*Current Life: Zu is in 8th grade now and are still getting bullied. She's not getting raped and beaten up every day, but it does happen a lot. I'll write a list of what they do to her and how often it happens, so you can get some insight in her schoolife.
-Wont let her eat/ruin her food somehow ~ Happens almost every day. Poor little girl is always hungry in school.
-Put her head in a toilet and flushes ~ Happens very seldom.
-Steal her belongings or clothes ~ Happens pretty often. She has stopped to bring stuff to school by now. They still takes part of her clothing instead, like her skirt, bow, panties or other stuff if she's wearing something else.
-Shoving/punching her hard ~ Happens very often. Mostly when she's doing something.
-Beat her up ~ Happens sometimes. She's been knocked out a few times. They take advantage of her unconscious body when she is.
-Sexually molest her ~ Happens almost every day. They gropes her and touches/fingers her pussy/anus. Sometimes they will force her to orgasm.
-Orally rape her ~ Happens pretty often. She is often forced to give blowjobs and swallow their seed.
-Anally rape her ~ Happens often. They take turns to fuck her butt. When they are done they will just leave her there with a gaping anus full of unwanted sperm. Often combinated with forced blowjobs.
-Vaginally rape her ~ Never happens.
-Humiliate her ~ Happens sometimes. They will make her give blowjobs, lock her out of the locker room after sports without any clothes, make her wet herself, bend her over and pull her skirt/pants & panties down and play with her pussy/anus, that kind of stuff (everything in public).
No one dares to help her, as they are afraid of beaten up or worse.
If she had a rough day, she would go straight home and clean herself up before Za came home from work, so she wouldn't notice that she'd "done something wrong". She would be very quiet and go to bed early after that.
If she manages to get through without getting abused, she's the happiest little catgirl you can imagine.
She's just trying to be nice, but gets treated like crap. She's totally broken on the inside, but she wont let anyone notice.
She sometimes has breakdowns, she gets depressed and angry and starts yelling and/or crying, really wanting to be like a normal girl. This only happens when she have much trouble with something and is really confused.

*I think I covered most of what I wanted to say about Zu, so hopefully you will not think of Zu as an ordinary little catgirl anymore! :3

Zu's biography


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2010-04-30 06:00:43

What a horrible life she has. :P

Hey wait... what was her original last name anyway?


2010-04-30 06:05:16

FlashfireEX says:
Now just wait for the "She needs a shotgun" comments to roll in...
Rock Candy says:
Yeah xD


2010-04-30 07:42:01

oh so thats why.... i've bene playing one of those ahh.... games... umm... *clears throat*


2010-04-30 08:27:03

I like the way you think.

Rock-Candy responds:

The way I think? How do you mean?


2010-04-30 18:59:37

cool, but when do you think will the bios of the others?

Rock-Candy responds:

Za's one is done, and I'm working on the Zoo one.


2010-05-05 20:04:05

So...she gets raped by kid Four Years younger than her?

Rock-Candy responds:



2010-05-08 19:57:26

Poor girl D:


2010-05-09 00:27:18

Hey RC does Zu have any T cells?

Rock-Candy responds:

What's T cells?


2010-05-09 17:56:38

what is Touhou?

Rock-Candy responds:

Bullet Hell games with lots of girls shooting at each other.


2010-05-12 23:59:30

Well T cells are the cells in organisms that produce interlueken-4 (might of misspelled) wich kills Inflammatory wich is known to hinder learning.


2010-05-18 14:18:11

Please make moar Ellie games :C


2010-05-30 20:13:12

Wow that's a realy complex back story. now i feel bad watching her hentai games. >_<


2010-05-31 13:01:48

Nice biography.But a day will come and she would take an AK-47,100 frag granades and blast evryone who torchers her to hell.

Rock-Candy responds:

Well, she doesn't like violence, and she wouldn't be able to maneuver those weapons, so that would never happen...


2010-05-31 22:00:23

Man I feel real sorry for Zu I would help her out if I lived in her continuity
and I feel strangely compelled to think more deeply into this

PS: i cant resist: Your rock candy babeh! your hard sweet and stickaaaaaaay!


2010-06-01 01:04:20

if see was a real person id be her friend and watch over her. i would mess those rapists up.


2010-06-02 06:46:49

tja! jag kommer från sverige okså! kollade på eran "Cense of humor" och..... ja det var skit kul!!! nice info om henne!zu alltså! hae!


2010-06-02 13:55:51

nicely done


2010-06-04 17:36:02

edgeowns is from sweden


2010-06-07 05:45:45

Love yer work mate , also - i noticed aloe of your work isn't colored.

I would be honored and happy if you'd like me to color some of yer work

Check out my NG page to get a general idea of my style.

Peace out


2010-06-15 23:02:48

@ Ripperjaxx: He chose not to color it and he already has someone coloring his artwork for him.


2010-06-16 14:59:37

Jävlar... jag orkar inte läsa!


2010-06-18 13:31:59

Hey dude soz about that fucked up review i think i was pissed or somthing carnt remember. Like your characters and how you gave them a life of there own (even if that means some get raped :D) I enjoy your work so dont stop.


2010-06-20 12:31:51

aww man i feel bad for her,because she has a suck-y life.if I was Zu and thats wat happened to me,i would go someplace FAR away and take Za,Zoo,and Ellie with me and get away from those guys. but if i was ONE of those guys,i would tell the others to stop because,well...(clears throat)... thats just sexual so yea i would help her


2010-07-05 12:25:10

Aww, so sad, if I went to her school, I'd take care of her. As a friend, not the perverted way.


2010-07-05 12:34:17



2010-07-14 00:12:43

I wanna give her a hug So badly....I'll do it anyways *hugs*


2010-08-02 15:29:06

if i saw this bull happening around me i would put a stop to it you dont treat a woman like that no matter what she is

poor girl


2010-08-05 23:54:42

damn do not have the time to read all that how do you write all that


2010-08-06 23:13:04

It seems like you're trying to make this deep but you just made it really explicit instead of making it really poetic.

Rock-Candy responds:

Well, I just wanted to make sure people would understand what happens to Zu.
And I'm not a very good writer either.


2010-08-07 20:12:45

well...that was..that IS a terrible life she has. too bad she does'nt like violence because then she would be able to defend herself. and its a damn shame she has only one friend, she seem from her profile to be a nice individual. now on to the point of my comment:
there is a genetics/weapons/humanitarian/medical /science company she could goto to get the proper treatment for her mental condition and any other pysical or mental problems she may have. it is entirely free considering the company makes money off mainly weapons. all we need is her medical history (if she has one) and Ellie's writen and verbal experiance's with her and BAM! she shall become "normal" after very harmless tests in mental and physical abilitys are conducted, they are nothing too complicated for her. just...keep her away from the genetics labrotory. she might go insane from she might see. anyways, bring over to the facility and we will be able to help her. just look for a large sign that says: Life and job improvment ahead! make a left after you travel about 2 miles to the right of the sign.

i love writing things like this

(note: this is just to play along, nothing real or serious. only the creator of the character and that world has full logical right to contridict this comment.)


2010-08-09 00:37:51

And now i feel awful about enjoying the games involving her. Absolutely awful.


2010-08-11 21:00:09

well i will have to say that zu has it tough at school i guess....stufid bullies


2010-08-11 21:46:30

2 things one ure art is fucking epic and gets me horny two. The story bout zu is epic!!!!!!! Btw u are aweaome and make meh horny ure art I mean


2010-08-14 01:25:33

O_O my, my, you go down to quite spesifians (if thats a word, if not: spesific*). Im not even close to saying that thats a bad thing, though its long.


2010-08-27 20:08:05

your characture is cute and i visited your website.

you are pretty talented and i enjoy your work ;3


2010-08-31 18:23:21

girl, that was great flash


2010-09-10 02:02:14

Why must you toture the poor girl?


2010-09-10 22:19:45

are you gonna make anything for madness day 2010

Rock-Candy responds:

what is that


2010-09-15 15:05:25

your new art pitcher is awsome i cant coment on it becuse of my computer being meesed up but i frose it so i cud see the pitcher


2010-09-17 00:03:59

therealsandman ment at he's a perv at thinks at thats sexy and not sad but i feel bad for watching the flash knowing this ... i realy wish i cudent read


2010-09-22 20:10:48

its fuckin madness day


2010-10-06 05:07:53

pretty detailed. more than the other cat girls.


2010-10-10 19:31:29

Poor Zu. Neglected by her real family, dumped in some apartment, scared, confused and hurt. Bullied for no apparent reasons, and raep'd almost daily...
Just cuz I feel sorry for Zu, im gonna write a song for her. I will be back!

Rock-Candy responds:

I'll wait then :V


2010-10-26 22:42:28

Woah..... that is just.... woah.


2010-11-07 19:34:52

she doesn't seem like a bad person... catgirl... so idk y she gets torured so much. it's kinda sad...


2010-12-03 22:37:53

Sites DOwn....


2010-12-07 07:50:32

T_T poor Zu! If only she could have a nice boyfriend or some other event that makes here happy, even for a little bit! But this question remains;

If Zu was born from normal humans, does that mean soon, all humans will be born as Cat People to ensure their survival?! *supense music plays*


2010-12-20 15:09:09

... My arm muscles are spasming right now. I'm very sensitive about stuff like this. Fake or not I don't give a damn. If I were to see something like the above happening, catgirl or not, I'd fucking fly into a rage. Let me into her school, I guarantee that shit won't happen EVER again. 3v1 I don't care. A girl, especially a nice one, is to be cherished. On a side note, I'm also help tutor as well, so I'd be able to maybe help her overcome that learning problem.
You've got friends here Zu, you can believe that.


2010-12-23 22:10:05

Made me cry :(


its only a story :P


2010-12-24 17:24:10

50th comment.